And easy way to refill all mexican brands of prepaid phones in United States.

Give your loving ones a surprise adding credit to their cell phones at anytime. It is very easy, all you need is the phone number.

About us

We are a company specialized on the Mobile market for 5 years now in Mexico1, and over 5 more years of continuous expanding all over USA

On these days there are more than 60 million people using pre pay phones at Mexico. Talkmex Corporation offers you the possibility of adding credit to your Mexican cell phone number from the United States, and it is possible for us to do so thanks to our platform which has been developed with the best technology according to the American market needs.



  • Client Services in Mexico and the United States.
  • Confirmation text.
  • High Quality Service to our Clients.
  • Safe Platform to any Company.


  • The posibility to sell in side the United States.
  • Dealing Directly with the mexican companys such as Telcel, Movistar, Iusacell, Unefon, Nextel, Virgin Mobile.
  • You can sell it from you Smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop..


  • Permanent Publicity on and off season.
  • Personalized Protions or Advertizing to our clients.
  • All Mexican promotions are valid inside the United States.
  • Promotions and rewards to clients and sellers.


Talkmex is an American Corporation that works technology and services distributors under an agreement all over Mexican Republic.

Actualy we are located on 6 States into the United States of America, which are California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Chicago & Colorado; and looking forward to more openings very soon. We have offices in San Diego, Houston and Mexico. And it doesn´t matter where you are, Talkemx covers all the United States Territory.

Our Company

If you are envolved with Travel Agencies, Tourism, or have a lot of communication with Mexican Community, THIS IS JUST FOR YOU!!!

How it works

Looking for different ways to do bussines in this kind of market; Talkmex developed an application to improve your services and get an extra money in an easy, rapid and safe way for you.

Where to sell

Every cell phone is a good place to sell, which will give you, your clientes and family the chance to add credit back to their Mexican phone number, no matter the company they are at.

One step ahead, now is


Dealing directly with

What else to pay with TALKMEX MOBILE

With Tallkmex Mobile you can also pay the electricity, local phone, cable, sky, and a lot much more.



You have no limit on Money or credit, just having your Smartphone you will be capable to sell as much as you want.

You only need the client, friends or family in Mexico to be able to add credit to their cell phones.

Don´t have a Smartphone?, ask us for the many economical options with the best quality for you.

You can either pay with credit card, or in any of our 4 different bank Accounts.

Don´t you think about it anylonger!

We are a safety and a reliable company, and constatly growing.
Come join us, and get a lot of benefits!.